The Team

Team Hahn 2019

The Truck

Racetruck 2019

Technical Specifications

Race Truck:   Iveco S Way
Weight: 5.300 Kg
Engine: 13L Turbo
Transmission: Mechanical Gearbox ZF Ego Split, 16 speeds
Power: ~ 1.150 hp
Brakes: Knorr Bremse


The Semitrailer




Konrad Hahn accepts a race truck and its racing semitrailer as payment at NGC Köngen


Konrad Hahn and his brother Jörg both decide to jointly take part in the European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC). Each one of them participates at 4 races. Konrad Hahn finishes ranking 4th, his brother Jörg ranks 12th.


Konrad und Jörg Hahn go separate ways. Team Hahn Racing takes over the existing race truck. Konrad ranks 7th at the ETRC.


Konrad ranks 5th at the ETRC
His major successes:
3rd rank on Nürburgring
3rd rank in Donington
3rd rank in Zolder
In Zolder Conni had one of his major successes, but also a severe accident. At a speed of 156 kph (97mph) he crashed into a wall. Nothing but scrap was left of the race truck but Conni survived unhurt.
Conni hands over the steering wheel to his son Jochen Hahn.


Jochen participates at his first race as driver in Dijon and ranks sixth.
At the third race in Misano Jochen ranks third on both days.
The greatest success in 2000 was Zolder. Jochen's first rainy race, but the rain showed a positive effect on him: Jochen ranked first on all of the four races and thus gained 60 points for the team.
At the last race in Jarama he once more ranked third.
After a though and busy season, Team Hahn Racing achieved the fourth position on the overall standings.
Jochen Hahn was elected Rooky of the Year.


In 2001 Mercedes Benz offers Team Hahn Racing the possibility to participate at the Super Race Class

This class is divided into different subclasses – that is to say, an A and a B classification. Both of these classes participate at the same race, but there are different evaluation systems for both of them.
Jochen ranks among the leading four.
At the last race in Jarama the team ranks first.
Team Hahn Racing finishes the championship on a great fourth rank.


During the second day of the event in Misano, Jochen gets hold of the second and third rank. He ranks third at the fourth race in Nogaro.
On Nürburgring Jochen started from the last position on the grid and fought himself ahead to the third rank. Once more he thus proved his driving abilities and is celebrated as "Man of the Day" by the visitors.


We start with our new truck – a MB Axor


Literally in the last minute, the FIA race stewards approve the vehicle of Team Hahn Racing for the season of 2004. At the end of the season Jochen had achieved the first rank four times and dominated the competitors in Le Mans. All-in-all 5th rank on the overall standings.


Daimler Chrysler rejoins as a component supplier. A season with ups and downs begins. Overall rank: 6th.


A new vehicle is built. The basis is a Mercedes-Benz Axor (with a short cabin), development and assembly are carried out by Team Hahn Racing itself.


A new Mercedes race truck is built.
Mercedes resigns from its commitment to truck racing.
Jochen wins both of the two last races of the season.
Jochen ranks fourth on the ETRC overall standing.


New challenges for our team.
For a long time we didn't know if we would even be able to participate at the championship, until MAN accepted us into their family.
Within eight weeks we build up our new vehicle.
First victory in Le Mans – 4th on the ETRC overall standings.
Second in the team championship together with Jean Philipp Belloc.


Third on the ETRC overall standings
Jochen was elected "Most Beloved Truck Racer" on Nürburgring.
Second in the team championship together with the Hungarian Team Oxxo Racing.


Third on the overall standings of the European Truck Racing Championship
First ETRC racing event in Russia.
Jochen is elected "Most Beloved Truck Racer".


European Truck Racing Champion of the season of 2011.
Jochen wins all of the four races in Misano, no other driver ever managed to do so, since the regulations were modified.
Jochen is once more elected "Most Beloved Truck Racer".
Most victories and pole positions of the season.


European Champion of the season of 2012
Jochen wins all of the four races in Istanbul
Most victories of the season
Best German driver
Jochen is elected "Most Beloved Truck Racer" for the fifth time.

2013 Jochen repeats last two-year success and becomes Triple European Champion
2014 Jochen becomes Vice European Champion
In the Team Championship he reach 3. place together with René Reinert
2015 Jochen reach the 3. place in the European Championship
In the Team Championship he reach again the 3. place together with René Reinert

20 year anniversary Team Hahn Racing
Jochen Hahn European Champion
Drivers Driver Cup (elected from all drivers)
3. Place Rene Reinert
4. Place Steffi Halm

2017 Markenwechsel zu Iveco
Teammeisterschaft unter "Die Bullen von Iveco Marigurs"
Jochen holt mit neuem Fahrzeug den Vizetitel
Teammeisterschaft belegt Jochen und Gerd den 2ten Platz
Teamkollege Gerd Körber belegt Platz 7
2018 Jochen Hahn wird zum 5. Mal Europameister.
Gewinn der Teammeisterschaft zusammen mit Steffie Halm
2019 Jochen wird zum 6. Mal Europameister.
Gewinn Teammeisterschaft zusammen mit Steffie Halm.
Lukas fährt am Truck-Grand-Prix sein erstes Rennen und steht bei allen drei Rennen auf dem Podium.
2020 Team Hahn Racing übernimmt das Team Schwabentruck.
 Jochen und Steffie fahren gemeinsam die Teammeisterschaft.
 Lukas fährt drei Rennen in dieser Saison.
 Umbau aller Trucks auf das neue S-Way Design.


What is the sum of 4 and 6?

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