Zolder 2019

Rennstrecke Zolder

Länge: 4,000m

Circuit Zolder
B 3550 Heusden-Zolder
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Jochen Hahn extends his lead on the overall standings with two more victories in Zolder

With beautiful summer weather and some 14,000 enthusiastic visitors on site, the 6th round of this year's FIA European Truck Racing Championship took place on the Belgian circuit in Zolder.
On Friday, the event started off with free practice sessions. Jochen achieved top lap times giving evidence of his ambitions for the race weekend ahead. A race-truck parade to the center of the Belgian town of Heusden-Zolder combined with autograph sessions and a fan party was scheduled for the evening of the same day.
Things became serious at the qualifying on Saturday. Prevailing over the Spanish pilot Antonio Albacete (MAN) by a wee bit, Jochen Hahn won the pole position for the first race of the weekend
The start of the race was pretty tight again: Jochen was fighting with slightly spinning tires. As a result, Albacete managed to pass the Hahn Iveco right at the very first bend. Lap by lap, Jochen stuck to the rear bumper of the Spanish race truck. With only three laps left to go, he finally managed to pass the MAN.
Following Jochen Hahn and Antonio Albacete, the Czech Freightliner pilot Adam Lacko completed the podium.
At the team championship, Jochen Hahn and Steffi Halm join their forces as "the bulls on Iveco Magirus" team – and they finished first on the team standings, as well.
Due to the reversed grid, Jochen started the second race on Saturday from 8th position on the grid. It would turn out to be a tough race with a particularly difficult start. After a skirmish in the middle of the field at the start of the race, the Mercedes truck of Fabio Citignola got stuck in the gravel. The race was canceled immediately. Once the Mercedes truck had been recovered, the race was restarted without any modifications to the starting grid.
But again, the race would only last for two laps. This time it was due to the truck of the French pilot Dominique Orsini. A defect caused its standstill right on the start/finish straight. Following a lap under full course yellow (FCY), the stewards decided to stop the second attempt as well.
After the second restart, René Reinert took the lead piloting yet another Hahn-built Iveco – and closely followed by Jochen's teammate Steffi Halm. Jochen ranked up to sixth position to close up to Albacete and Lacko. However, the pilot from Altensteig (Germany) didn't want to run any risks and thus stuck to his position. With René Reinert and Steffi Halm on the top positions, the outcome was a double victory for the Iveco trucks built by Team Hahn Racing.
Therefore, "the bulls on Iveco Magirus" once again finished on the top of the podium.
At the second qualifying, on Sunday, Jochen once again won the pole position for the first race of the day – by a wee bit. This time, he prevailed over the Czech Freightliner pilot Adam Lacko.
Jochen Hahn managed to turn his 11th pole position of the season into his 11th victory of the season – a sovereign start-to-finish victory as the Hahn Iveco crossed the finish line with an advantage of almost 8 seconds over Adam Lacko and Norbert Kiss. Jochen's teammate Steffi Halm missed the podium by a hair's breadth as she finished fourth. The result: first place on the team standings again.
At the final race of the weekend, the pilot from Altensteig once again started from eighth position on the grid.
At the skirmish at the start of the race, Jochen's truck touched the Freightliner of the British pilot Oly Janes thus catching itself a slow puncture. Without risking too much, Jochen still managed to finish 8th.
At the very top, Albacete took the lead. Following the Spanish MAN, André Kursim and René Reinert completed the podium – both of them piloting Iveco race trucks built by Team Hahn Racing.
"The bulls on Iveco Magirus" once again finished on the team podium – although on second rank this time.
With a total score of now 272 points, Jochen Hahn managed to increase his lead on the overall standings – prevailing over his toughest competitor Antonio Albacete by now 85 points.
The seventh and thus second last round of the 2019 FIA European Truck Racing Championship will take place on September 28 and 29 on Circuit Bugatti in Le Mans (France).

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