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Jochen Hahn achieves two more victories at the Truck Grand Prix on Nürburgring

With a total of 124,000 enthusiastic spectators and visitors on site, the fourth round of this years FIA European Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) – the Truck Grand Prix on Nürburgring – was once again the highlight of the season.

Achieving two victories at both of the first races of each racing day, Jochen Hahn did not only enjoy the beautiful racing weather, but he also increased his lead on the overall standings.

And Team Hahn Racing had yet another reason to rejoice: At the Mittelrhein Cup, a national truck race taking place at the Truck Grand Prix on Nürburgring, Lukas Hahn, Jochens son, completed his first truck races with three podium positions.

On Thursday, the only 4-day event on this season's calendar started off with press/VIP rides and some training laps out on the track.

Things became more serious at the first qualifying and the Super Pole on Friday. At the latter, Jochen prevailed over the Spanish MAN pilot Antonio Albacete thus getting hold of top position on the grid.

Both of these race drivers dominated the first race of the weekend. Jochen prevailed at the start, increased his lead and finally won the race after some fair duels.

The Hungarian Mercedes pilot Norbert Kiss finished third – closely followed by Sascha Lenz (MAN), Gerd Körber (Iveco) and the Czech Freightliner pilot Adam Lacko. Steffi Halm and René Reinert, both of them piloting Iveco race truck just as Jochen does, had to withdraw early as they suffered some heavy attacks.

Due to the reversed grid, Jochen saw himself forced to start the second race from eighth position. Right at the start, the truck racer from Altensteig ranked up two positions. On the very top, Lacko prevailed over the French race driver Anthony Janiec (MAN) thus taking the lead.

The fans and the crowd were cheering as the Hahn Iveco continued ranking up until Jochen crossed the line on third position and right behind Adam Lacko and Sascha Lenz.

At the second Super Pole on Sunday morning, Jochen continued what he began on Friday. Once again he won the top position on the grid of the upcoming race as he won the 7th Super Pole of the season.

As the third race began, Jochen once again prevailed over his competitors and soon increased the gap towards his chasers. Norbert Kiss and his Mercedes truck started from the second position, but dropped back to 14th due to the skirmish at the start of the race.

As a result, his brand and teammate Steffi Halm now started chasing Jochen while she was closely followed by Antonio Albacete. As the pilot from Altensteig was heading for a safe victory, Steffi Halm had to fend off Albacete's constant attacks. The duel was finally decided by the stewards. When Steffi was given a penalty for overspeeding, the Swabian pilot immediately dropped back several ranks. As a result, Adam Lacko completed the podium followed by Lenz, Körber, Reinert, Kiss and Kursim.

At the final race, Jochen once again started from eighth position – just as he did the day before. After some tough but fair duels, the Iveco pilot from Altensteig managed to rank up two positions thus finishing sixth.

At the very top, André Kursim – the German race driver also steers an Iveco race truck built by Team Hahn – dominated the race at first.

Norbert Kiss fought hard for five laps until he finally managed to take the lead. Now it was Albacete literally sticking to the back of Kursim's Iveco race truck. Despite the unceasing attacks of the Spanish race driver, André finally finished second as he pushed his truck over the finish line with an advantage of just three tenths of a second.

"This was indeed an awesome weekend for our team," Jochen Hahn stated happily on Sunday evening. "First of all, I want to thank my mechanics, the whole team and our sponsors and partners. There is no successful Truck Grand Prix without all of these people. The fact of Lukas winning three podium positions at his first truck racing weekend tops it all – this is like a dream."

After Konny and Jochen, Lukas Hahn represents the third Hahn generation piloting a race truck. Considering his three podium positions at the Mittelrhein Cup and some perfect racing action, Lukas obviously achieved an optimum start into truck racing.

The team is now ready for the extended summer break. Afterwards, Jochen and Team Hahn Racing will head to the Czech town of Most for the 5th round of this year's FIA ETRC taking place from August 30th to September 1st.

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