Nogaro 2016

Rennstrecke Nogaro

Länge: 3,636m

S.E.M.P.A. Circuit Paul Armagnac
BP 24 - 32110 Nogaro
Telefon: +33 (5)
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Looking forward to the home race

Race-weekend in France

Unlike this year’s Truck Grand Prix on Nürburgring, the event on Circuit Paul Armagnac in Nogaro started with taxi rides for the press scheduled on Friday. As a reward, an additional 1-hour “private training” followed by the official FIA training sessions was granted to the participants. The on-site lunch with media representatives is yet another standard at the French circuit. Moreover, in the evening, the truck racers were able to do final adjustments to their trucks’ set-up – although the experience gained might have been rather limited. At their parade to the city center of Nogaro, the race drivers obviously stuck to the inner-city speed limit of 50 km/h – at least most of the time. Unfortunately, this year, the public autograph session ended pretty early due to a sudden heavy rainfall. Despite the bad weather, however, a large number of fans had again arrived at the market square in order to see the trucks and their drivers up close.

Saturday started with a huge surprise: Norbert Kiss won the pole position on his Mercedes truck. Adam Lacko, Jochen Hahn and both of the blue race trucks piloted by René Reinert and Steffi Halm followed him on the subsequent ranks. As the inaugural race started, the ranking of the top three didn’t change at all – although the pole position doesn’t imply a clear advantage in Nogaro. After a skirmish with Jiří Forman, Steffi Halm ended up at the gravel trap at first before following the field with a gap of two laps. René Reinert and Anthony Janiec fought for position 4. This time, the local hero prevailed.

At the second championship race of the day, Ellen Lohr prevailed over Eduardo Rodrigues at the start and took over the leading position. Jochen once again gave proof of his fame as “quick starter” ranking third already after the first bend. Moments later, René passed the leading truck piloted by Ellen Lohr. Soon, Jochen and Adam followed him. As the race went on, both of the German pilots were able to increase their gap towards their Czech competitor thus completing the 12-lap distance. René remained flawless and successfully fended off Jochen’s attacks. His victory was highly deserved. Until the end of the race, Steffi had managed to rank up to position 7. By the time she had to pass Norbert Kiss, however, René Reinert’s teammate just wouldn’t find the required gap.

On Sunday, the cards were reshuffled as Norbert Kiss dropped out due to a technical failure at the inaugural lap of the qualifying. He thus finished his weekend earlier than expected. Consequently, the pole position was up to Adam Lacko again – closely followed by Jochen. René Reinert and Steffi Halm started from the second row on the grid. As the lights turned green, Jochen practically shot past Lacko and completed the race with a perfect start-to-finish victory. René Reinert stuck to the leading duo and thus ranked third on the podium. At this championship race, both of the blue Reinert race trucks once more closely followed one another. Consequently, Steffi Halm ranked fourth.

In the aftermath of the last race of the day, the race stewards caused some strange results: As some drivers exceeded the speed limit at the inaugural lap, the ranking from position 3 onwards was altered completely. This time, the two drivers dominating so far switched positions: Adam Lacko finished ahead of Jochen Hahn. On the race track, Anthony Janiec finished third, Steffi Halm ranked third on the podium and Jiří Forman won the bronze medal on the standings with Erwin Kleinnagelvoort ranking 4th. For René Reinert, however, there were no changes. He dropped out after a crash at the start.

Bottom line of the race weekend in south-western France: Team Hahn Racing is more than happy with the results achieved. Jochen ranks second, with a gap of just two points separating him from the European front runner Adam Lacko. And Team Reinert Adventure leads the standings of the team championship. “Now we’re looking forward to our home race”, Jochen Hahn said after the last podium on Sunday evening.

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