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Jochen Hahn starts the new truck-racing season with two victories

After Team Hahn Racing's intense preparations throughout the winter, some test runs in Most and on the Iveco track in Ulm, the opening event of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship on Misano World Circuit with 40,300 visitors on site was the first real challenge of the season. It turned out, the efforts were well worth it.

Jochen Hahn and his Iveco set the standards right from the first training sessions. At the qualifying, he got hold of the pole position for the first race. And even at the first race itself, the title defender from Altensteig prevailed at the start thus pushing him ahead of the whole skirmish. The result: a perfect start-to-finish victory.

His chasers, however, fought hard for each position. In the end, Jochen's main competitor for the title – the Czech Buggyra Freightliner pilot Adam Lacko – finished second ahead of the Spanish MAN pilot Antonio Albacete, the Hungarian Mercedes pilot Norbert Kiss and Jochen's teammate at "the bulls on Iveco Magirus", Steffi Halm. As a result, "the bulls on Iveco" clearly won the team ranking.

Due to the reversed grid, Jochen started the second race of the day from 8th position. His Iveco colleague René Reinert prevailed at the start, took the lead and won the race. In the meanwhile, Steffi Halm fiercely tried to put him under pressure but just wouldn't get past him. In the end, she even had to give in to Albacete as they fought for the second rank on the podium.

Jochen was not quite as successful this time. Due to tough duels throughout the race, he sometimes crossed the corner markers and was thus given a drive-through penalty toward the end of the race. As he was unable to serve this sentence, it was turned into a 30-second penalty – pushing him back to 11th position. And yet, this was still enough for the second rank on the team podium.

While the weather god had been generous with the truck racers throughout the days before, bestowing some beautiful Adriatic holiday weather on them, things changed on Sunday. Under tough track conditions, Kiss won the pole position ranking ahead of Adam Lacko and Jochen Hahn. But the rain got even worse as the actual race began. As a result, there were two inaugural laps following the pace truck and one lap under yellow flag – i.e. no passing – before the race actually started off.

By then, Kiss, Lacko and Jochen had already accomplished a minor advantage. Throughout the race, they increased the gap towards their chasers even further. As the leading trio didn't get too close to each others either, the ranking on the finish line remained the same: Kiss, Lacko and Hahn.

For the Iveco pilot, this meant 6th starting position for the final race in Misano. With a perfect start, he quickly pulled up to 4th position. At first, MAN pilot Sascha Lenz took the lead. After just one lap, however, Jochen Hahn had already managed to push his truck up to the very top. He increased the gap towards the field and accomplished another clear victory – his second win of the weekend.

Lenz finished second. The French MAN pilot Anthony Janiec completed the podium on third – closely followed by Lacko and Steffi Halm. "The bulls on Iveco Magirus" thus once again won the team classification.

With a total of 42 points, Jochen now ranks second on the overall standings; right behind Adam Lacko (44 points) and ahead of Norbert Kiss (34 points). On the team standings, "Die Bullen von IVECO" (74) lead the standings ahead of "Löwen Power" (67) and Buggyra Racing 1969 (62 points).

From June 21st to 23rd, the second round of this year's FIA European Truck Racing Championship will take place on Hungaroring close to Budapest.

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