Le Mans 2016

Rennstrecke Le Mans

Länge: 4,180m

Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans
72019 Le Mans Cedex 2
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Telefax: +33 (0)2 43 40 24 88


Perfect victory: the fourth title has been won!

With a flawless performance at the season final in Le Mans, Jochen Hahn won the European Truck Racing Championship for the fourth time. The race driver from Altensteig in Germany based this victory on a great performance already at the qualifying. At the super pole, the favorite for the title of this year’s championship achieved the fastest lap time thus ranking ahead of Norbert Kiss, René Reinert and Adam Lacko. This great beginning was followed by a perfect start-to-finish victory – his 99th race victory, by the way. Only if Adam Lacko had finished at least second, he could have delayed or altered the outcome – but he didn’t. The Czech pilot finished third. With this, Jochen achieved an advantage in points unable to be equalized or surpassed. His team thus celebrated him as the new European Truck Racing Champion.

At the second race of the day, the newly minted champion was very lucky. The race had to be restarted a total of three times due to several accidents before the remaining pilots were able to finish the 11 laps. Anthony Janiec was the first one to cross the finish line. As the race stewards were convinced he caused one of the accidents, however, he was disqualified later on. As a consequence, Steffi Halm tops the ranking on the results, followed by her team leader René Reinert and Jochen Hahn – yet another great success for the trucks built by Team Hahn Racing and the new team champions of the 2016 season.

On Sunday morning, the qualifying was held on a wet track. This time, Lacko remained on top as he finished ahead of Kiss and Jochen Hahn.

At the second-last championship race of the season, Norbert Kiss got off with a great start and stuck to the top position at first. Jochen described the subsequent happenings from his own point of view at a short interview on the podium right after the race: “I saw a lot of white smoke and noticed Norbert had a serious problem. ‘Thank you’, I thought and finished the race leading the field. Due to the huge gap between me and my chasers, this seemed to be an easy task; actually it was, but still, you always need full concentration and you have to be fully concentrated until you finish the race. Thanks to my advantage over my competitors, I had some time to provide a small show for the spectators at the last bends – after all that’s what they came for.”

At the last championship race of this year’s ETRC, both of the ladies participating once again showed a great performance. Starting from the pole position after finishing eighth at the previous race, Ellen Lohr led the closely packed field down to the second-last lap. With two laps left to go, Steffi Halm found the gap she was looking for and passed her competitor. Ellen Lohr, however, then stuck to the second rank defending it tooth and nail against the attacks of René Reinert – all the way across the finish line. As a result, team champion René Reinert joined both of the ladies on the podium.

At the end of a successful season, Jochen and Diana Hahn thank all of their partners, friends and sponsors as well as the complete team: Without their support, the fourth title of the European Truck Racing Champion and the great team performance together with René Reinert and Steffi Halm ranking third and second at the driver standings, respectively, as well as the victory at the team championship would not have been possible by any means.

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